Caring for the Community

Mfuwe, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

Responsible Tourism starts with us

Please allow us to bring your attention the “other” side of living and working, but also visiting this magnificent area of Zambia, as many tourists do not see the ongoing struggle to conserve this area for generations to come.
Norman Carr first started to operate walking safaris in the Luangwa and he realised that conservation could not work without the local people truly benefiting from the wildlife around them.

Today, this approach to responsible tourism is more important than ever!
For years many, the companies in the Luangwa valley have been working with various projects or started their own projects to ensure that conservation efforts continued.
And so our entire team at the Bush-Spa!

Working closely with

Project Luangwa

Owner Nathalie and our entire team at the Bush-Spa initiated the Touch Therapy Program, which is intended especially for children with a physical or mental disability and their parents.
Unfortunately their illness can’t be cured and there is a shortage (or even lack of) individual orientated activities for these children. Whilst regular exercises and activities are so important for their children, parents just do not have the funds or means to travel distances.

This Community Based Rehabilitation was initially established for children, but has been expanded to include older people who suffered strokes or transient ischemic attacks (TIA) and some people with chronic health conditions. This approach provides a direct link to the Kakumbi Rural Health Centre and the further away Kamoto Hospital. Providing people with (temporary) disabilities the access to rehabilitation services which contribute to their overall well-being, inclusion and 
And that right here in their rural Chiefdom.

make a lasting impact

more than "just" a safari 

Safari guests come to see the wildlife and the beauty of the landscape, and having a pampering experience at the Bush-Spa. Then they start wondering about the people who live here. Maybe they have a discussion with their guide, or spa therapist, about their family or their schooling, or maybe they meet a woman in the shops who tells them about her community and traditions. And from these discussions comes an interest and concern for the lives and struggles of the people who call the Luangwa Valley home..

Go local

Are you ready to be amazed? By the sheer beauty of the landscape, by the genuine smiles of the local community, by the vast amounts of wildlife and birds and by the striking contrast between natural beauty, solitude and rural busy, dusty village life? Are you open for new experiences, not afraid to let go of set beliefs and open for other ideas? Then do come and visit this rural part of Zambia. Experience more than just safari, try to go out and meet the local communities as well. Take an extra day to at least get a glimpse of local life. Yes, with all its hardship, dirty but happy barefoot children, depilated buildings and unfortunately trash still laying around. If you don’t have an extra day, go further in your chat with your guide, waiter, spa therapist or barman. Ask more than the standard questions, but be truly interested. Obviously it helps if you know a bit more of Zambia before arrival. So start your holiday early and read up a bit about the culture, your holiday already begins there.
Most of all come and be humbled by your experience on both the wildlife as culture side….you will take back lasting memories.

Project Luangwa

The Bush-Spa is open daily during daylight hours


Fresh Vegetables

Smaller Sellers

We cannot describe your first community impression better than Project Luangwa just did...

"The ride from the Mfuwe airport to the safari lodges and Bush-Spa, takes you through a colourful cross section of daily life in the Luangwa Valley. Throngs of people are walking or riding bikes along the side of the road, talking and shouting to each other, greeting friends and neighbours, whilst small children run by playing games or chasing each other. You pass open air fruit and vegetable markets and all manner of small shops, selling everything from cotton shirts to car tires.
The smell of Africa hits you – part wood smoke, part dust, and part mysterious smells coming from the vegetation. It’s magical."


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