the Bush-Spa team

The awesome Bush-Spa team consists of attentive qualified Zambian therapists who are on hand to provide you with a wide variety of massages and a host of other therapeutic and beauty skin care treatments. Many of these use local indigenous ingredients from the African bush further emphasizing its beauty and enchantment.

Bush-Spa team

The Bush-Spa constantly aims to train and develop its entire staff. They achieve this through providing accessible, high quality development opportunities in education, learning and research. The quality and commitment of the team is fundamental to achieving their vision and following company strategy. The Bush-Spa aims to foster a professional approach in all staff and to encourage their contribution as team members. 

The on-going training, as well as their general approach to any spa treatment, is completely holistic.
The team at the Bush-Spa believes a guest-centred treatment as well as a therapist-centred training is more effective. They therefore pay attention to the therapist’s own development, taking the African culture, society and conducts into account.
Training is done to international standards and a 2 year basic course has been taken by all therapists on duty.
Training continues throughout their employment by new courses, sufficient time for practical training and use of all Spa equipment. All therapists qualified in all services on offer.

Holistic team building

all with a Zambian smile at the

The entire team is proud to be part of an environmental friendly Spa to ensure the sustainability of the National Park and the communities around. The result is a totally natural, but truly African Spa experience for their guests and a lasting impact within their local community in rural Africa.

The Bush-Spa team consists of long-term members and each of them take pride and joy in offering you the best service in quality African treatments with extreme professionalism.
With more students being trained in the whole of Zambia and even Malawi, The Bush-Spa reaches more local communities for education and employment.

However, Nathalie herself is fully active as well, not wanting to let go of the love for that personal touch! Her efforts and team spirit received recognition in International Spa awards and various nominations, where she was voted Best Spa Manager and Best Entrepreneur in Zambia and the Bush-Spa being Best Luxury Safari Spa!

Smiles at the Bush-Spa

Meet the Bush-Spa team

Proudly Zambian !

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Stella Banda

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Janet Kalinda

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Yvonne Simuzingky 

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Janet Malipita

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Mervies Mushota

Proud of Zambia!

All therapists on duty have been carefully selected and received extensive in-house training by the cautious hands and mind of Nathalie. Operating a Spa in the bush requires additional skills and different attitudes, not found in just about every therapist. To follow the company policy of providing income and opportunity for the local community, Nathalie prefers to work with Zambian therapists, all trained for the treatments on offer. 

Nathalie in South Luangwa

Nathalie Zanoli

Owner and Spa Manager

As a business owner, but also as coach, trainer and surrogate mother to the entire team, Nathalie demonstrates an innovative approach to business and an excellent Zambian experience to the visitor.

Her contribution to the local population through opportunity generation, training and teaching combined with her positive approach to the environment rubs off on the entire team and the experiences at the Bush-Spa!

Their Touch Therapy Program in the local community ensures that even the most vulnerable and disabled children are being cared for by the entire Spa team. 

A long (long!) time ago, Nathalie & Ben lost their hearts not only to each other, but to the African continent as well.
After travelling extensively over this magnificent continent and guiding various tourists through mulitple countries, they fell in love all over again. 

There is something really special about Zambia and South Luangwa, its environment, its stunning natural beauty and the amazing people of this rural area. 

So after a gin & tonic on the banks of the mighty Luangwa, Nathalie & Ben felt right and since then made Mfuwe South Luangwa their home. Ben runs a succesful safari operation and Nathalie heads the Spa team with love and care, plus is active in numerous community projects. 

Though being of Dutch origin, they have been calling Zambia their home for years and do not see themselves leaving anytime soon ... 

All in all, the Bush-Spa provides excellent treatments by a well-trained team, with quality products in the heart of the African bush.
They all are proud to be part of the team in an environmental friendly Spa to ensure the sustainability of the National Park and the communities around. The result is a totally natural experience!

the Bush-Spa and Retreats

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