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the perfect Bush-Spa Experience

The perfect Bush-Spa Experience

Africa has abundance of therapeutic plant life and at the Bush-Spa and their on-call Retreats, they are well known for their professional treatments using as much as indigenous produce as possible.
 The award winning Bush-Spa is famous for, amongst others, their Kigelia Africana Facials and Touching Massage therapies, but the team is also offering some additional therapies really giving you that touch with Nature.

Hints & Tips for visiting the Bush world of Spa

Spa's all over the world operate differently. Since there are not too many Spa's located inside a National Park and even less constantly surrounded by an abundance of wildlife, the Bush-Spa team thought to give a few hints and tips.
The location and their Flora & Fauna neighbours make the Bush-Spa unique! There are plenty places in the world where one can have a massage, but only a few where your massage might be extended due to unique sightings of visiting wildlife.

Wellness on Safari

Unexpected visitors
The Bush-Spa is located inside South Luangwa National Park, unspoilt and wild animals roam free!
This makes the Spa not only unique, but also asks for some understanding of delays due to local and unexpected visitors.

Especially elephants frequently visit the lodge and Spa, whereas guests at all time must be aware of their presence.

All animals encountered whilst visiting the park are wild animals and not be approached!

Of course you can only but enjoy the sightings in and around the Bush-Spa.

Unexpected visitors at the Bush-Spa

Not just elephants, but it often happens other wildlife comes for a drink in the lagoon just in front of the Bush-Spa.

Where else in the world can one enjoy the benefits of Aqua therapy whilst watching the hippo's taking their own bath just below the deck? 

The therapists are aware of the unique location and will at all times adjust their treatment enabling you to continue your safari whilst having a relaxing treatment! 

Opening hours of the Bush-Spa
the Spa team is there to pamper you, so if you wish to enjoy a sunrise or sunset session this is all possible and actually pretty amazing, so do give them some notice!

Experience the Bush-Spa

Stunning views

Being located on an open deck overlooking the lagoon, calls for stunning views, but also has a negative side. As soon as the sun sets, the mosquitoes become very active, making treatments in the evening hours very uncomfortable and therefore mostly not done.

The standard opening hours of the Bush-Spa are daily between 07:30 and 16:15 hours. By prior arrangements, appointments may be booked outside these hours – but they do need a bit of warning!

Individuals, but also couples are especially welcomed, and are catered for with a selection of packages that help them share their Spa experience.

As the Bush-Spa is an adult-orientated atmosphere, the admittance of children under the age of 14 is on special request only.  

Appointments & Reservations 
Bookings and reservations may be made whilst guests are residing at any of the lodges in South Luangwa or by calling the team directly.Obviously you are welcome to contact the Spa team and book your reservation by e-mail as well.
All Spa services are subject to availability. Prices and service selections are subject to change without prior notice. 

Reservations can also be made whilst placing your safari bookings at any of the lodges or camps or why don't you let us organise all? We offer great Safari & Spa packages!

Guests on self-drive can at any time check availability at the Bush-Spa itself. The friendly team is more than happy to give you more information and directions.

For people who booked their safari activities with any of the lodges, please enquire with lodge management about transport possibilities for visits to the Bush-Spa.

Make a reservation for some pampering

For a minimum of two bookings of 60 minutes, complimentary transfers are offered for camps and lodges within the main park gate area.
Already in the South Luangwa Valley?
We can highly recommend an extra day at Mfuwe area incorporating a Bush-Spa visit after a stint at one or more of the intimate remote Bush Camps!

Just let your camp manager know about your preferences, the Bush-Spa can also be reached via short-wave radio!

Image credit to Ross Couper

At the Bush-Spa
Please check in at the Spa Reception Desk 5 minutes prior to your first appointment. This allows you to take in the beautiful scenery and share a nice herbal tea. Unfortunately, late arrivals may not always receive an extension of scheduled treatments, so as not to inconvenience other spa guests.
To begin your relaxation, it's recommended to have a lovely warm shower prior to your services.

Whilst enjoying the welcoming Foot Ceremony, you are encouraged to disclose any pertinent health conditions (any physical, medical or allergy concerns) that may affect your Spa experience. This to ensure that your therapist will provide you with the best possible experience and to assure your maximum safety and comfort.
If you are uncomfortable with having any particular part of your body massaged; please alert your therapist before the treatment begins.

Dress Code
Your modesty will never be compromised and at the same time the team will always respect the Zambian culture. You will be given a sarong and slippers to change into before your treatment. What should you wear under the sarong? That is up to you.

The Spa therapists will only expose the portion of your body that is being treated at the time. For all wet-area sessions (aquatherapy, showers, wraps and glows) guests are requested to wear swimming costumes at all times. 

To maintain an atmosphere of relaxation and as a courtesy to other guests in The Spa, all cell phones are to be turned off and not used while in the Spa.
Please leave your jewellery and other valuables at home or in the safe located in your room.

During and after your treatment the therapists will always pay close attention to your face (or other body language) to assess if you are uncomfortable, if the pressure is too great or too light, and to adjust the technique accordingly.
Should they look closely at your body, it is to check for areas of varicosity, bruising, or cuts or abrasions.
You will be draped with a bath sheet that covers most of your body but allows your therapist to work on specific areas.

Digital Detox on Safari

It is standard practice to work on the inner thighs (adductor muscles), the upper part of the buttocks (gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius), and the upper chest (pectorals). It is also possible that your therapist will manually stretch you in attempt to improve muscle stiffness, soreness, or sciatica.

It is recommended to let your treatment linger a bit longer after you leave the Spa. Try not to rush into the shower (which would be a waste of those nice herbal oils used) and give yourself some time to relax some more. Should you experience a little soreness a couple of hours after the treatment? Do not panic, some old kinks may have been worked out during the treatment. Please wait 48 hours and see how invigorating you will begin to feel.

Treatments are to be paid directly at the Bush-Spa. The Bush-Spa accepts cash US dollar and Zambian Kwacha.
Payments by Master and Visa cards are also accepted per Point of Sale machine.
The Bush-Spa is obviously highly relying on the signal and reception in the bush. Not always easy!
Unfortunately there is not much they can do if the signal is not there and they can't take any responsibility for cards not being accepted or the machine not working.
If this happens, another form of payment is required. The team shall always try to “make a plan” with Spa guests to ensure no further inconvenience is caused, best is always to carry some cash with you whilst travelling. Sorry, neither Euro, British Pounds, MasterCard or Travellers cheques are accepted  

A "touching" gift
Spa Gift Certificates are available for purchase for any special occasion.

Whether for an anniversary, a birthday, as a holiday gift, a congratulations or thank you gift, what better way to say you care than with a gift from the Bush-Spa?

Bush-Spa gift vouchers can be purchased via e-mail or online on the website and depending on your preference be send directly to you, the person you wish to surprise or kept at the Bush-Spa for their pre-set visit and have the Spa team surprise them!.

Bush-Spa Payments and Gift Vouchers

Time to combine Safari with Wellness

Go for the ultimate combination at the award winning Bush-Spa of South Luangwa

Enjoy a relaxing treatment in South Luangwa


"If you really want to indulge, book a treatment at the spa. Looking out and listening to the hippos whilst having a relaxing massage is an experience you will never forget!"
- Kingairloch -

Listening to the hippo's


"Lying on the massage bed listening to the birds and hippos. With open air treatment rooms the whole experience was very special and the standard of the treatments was excellent..  "
- Karen - Australia 

a bliss in the middle of Africa!


"We cannot forget the spa treatments that we all got... Everyone raved about each of their treatment(s) and it was truly great to be pampered and let go of all the stress"
- Exco Excursion -

the Bush-Spa and Retreats

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