Bush-Spa Services
with peace of mind

The number one reason people worldwide visit spas is to manage stress...

Given the stress of the last years...

 We are committed to providing you with a space to simply relax and invest in your overall health and well-being after the turmoil the world has gone thru.
Our biggest assets are our fully vaccinated team and you, our guests. We are and remain committed to putting your and our team’s safety first.
We wanted to take a moment to let you know the extraordinary and proactive steps we have taken to ensure that our Bush-Spa remains safe, yes even now, as the world seems to get back to normal.

Hygiene and precautions at the Bush-Spa

The Bush-Spa is remains taking extra precautions to help keep you and all of us safe after the COVID-19 pandemic. But keeping doing what we always do – focusing on the needs of our spa guests – means taking some extra steps.

Wellness sessions

For the comfort, ease of mind and safety of any safari guest, our spa visitors and staff, we at Bush-Spa stick to our additional precautions over and above our normal safety protocols.

Staff Wellness

Staff with temperatures 38C / 100F or above will be sent home. Although our entire team is vaccinated, for the unforeseeable future, all Bush-Spa employees and managers remain focussed on their own health. A cough or signs of a flu, means a visit to our local clinic.

Sanitisers and Consultations

Hygiene is key



Smaller Sellers

Safe Spa treatments

Top priority for us is to create a safe working environment for all employees so that we can continue to serve our guests seamlessly.
Sure, during the temporary closure, we quickly put into practice an effective combination of remote working, studying and focusing on new treatments. And (where national Government measures permitted) lean working at the Bush-Spa to make it even more beautiful. We made sure that everyone working and studying remotely had access to the tools of our trade and have up-skilled the entire team on the new disciplines. And this sure has paid off. We are extremely proud of our team and their abilities to learn new things and step up! 

Know that our entire staff and management have been fully vaccinated and "boostered" up!


After the hectic times and now more than ever, managing stress and seeking a trusted, safe and nurturing environment is vital to our well-being.

So, we look forward welcoming you to our award winning Bush-Spa of South Luangwa.

We look forward welcoming you soon!

It remains our privilege to serve and take care of each of you.

As we all adjust (and are fully vaccinated), we thank you for your continued confidence and trust in the award winning Bush-Spa of South Luangwa as we continue to provide you with wellness which is part of our daily lifes.


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