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You are invited to indulge in a truly unique Spa experience whilst visiting stunning South Luangwa National Park.
For your pleasure a selection of some of the best ancient healing techniques treatments.
Be sure to discuss any wishes you might have with the therapists, as any combination is possible.

Pampering in South Luangwa


A range of high quality massages, some are traditional favourites, whilst others are original fusions of them.
All Signature therapies which are designed and adapted for use in the bush area of South Luangwa.

From full body massages available in 60 or 90 minutes, to combination massages focussing on certain parts only, to a quick 30 minute session partial massage only.
Highly recommended to mix & match your session and add a facial or body glow!
Please feel free to ask about each treatment to ensure choosing the right massage just for you!...


The Bush-Spa facials focus on achieving optimum skin health by use of natural products.

Infused with essential oils to calm the mind and natural products to pamper the skin, you will be left feeling tranquil and rejuvenated.

A touching and relaxing experience, all what you expected it to be and more!

From Quick Safari Fresh-ups of 30 minutes to a heavenly African Goddess facial of 90 minutes.

And yes combinations with other treatments are recommended 


Following African traditions, all body rituals are best combined with our Aqua Skin Therapy overlooking the lagoon.

Invigorating body glows using cream based all natural exfoliaters and healing body wraps; the choices are heavenly.
You are ensured of a special treat!

Combine your Ritual, as nothing is more relaxing than a warm bath… except perhaps a relaxing warm detox bath that also helps cleanse the body…

Available as individual 30 minute Ritual session, or better yet, combine them!


The Bush-Spa team has made a selection of all time favourites, although any combination on the Spa menu is possible.

Find some suggestions, ranging from just a 30 minutes heavenly soak in the wellness bath whilst watching the hippo's take their own bath...

... to a 2-1/2 hours of Ultimate Bliss, combining a creamy glow with a relaxing Aqua soak, a body wrap, bush-shower, massage, only to end with a heavenly facial.

Leaving you completely revitalized!


A combination of deep-tissue, Swedish and lymph drainage. Relieves tensions, body aches and relaxes the muscles. A medium to firm massage

Using a deeply hydrating body balm, containing a unique African blend of sophisticated oils of Marula and Macadamia butter, this vigorous massage leaves you energised and your skin hydrated

A detoxifying and intensive massage therapy not for the faint hearted! Our Cup therapy is performed with medical cups, which have vacuum-sucking and thermo chemical impact on the skin and muscles and is accompanied with the feeling of warmth as cups are moved. It can be slightly uncomfortable, may leave some marks as the massaged area can become slightly red

Enjoy the healing power of Mother Nature with various types and sizes of hot stones, combined with traditional massage

Touching Massages with a view

Using pure aromatic plant oils to envelop the senses. A gentle massage with a holistic touch, balancing body and mind

A very gentle massage well-being massage with luxurious body cream infused with Macadamia and Orange blossom. Leaving your skin nourished and relaxed

A signature treatment for mothers to be. This very gentle massage relieves all the discomfort associated with pregnancy

Available in 90 or 120 minutes only. A vigorous massage, following a slow, methodical routine of pressure and stretches along energy lines (meridians)

Infused Oil massages


A conditioning back, neck and shoulder treatment that improves hydration and relaxation whilst uplifting the senses, using a blend of indigenous Mongongo oil. For 30 minutes only, or popular with our Quick Safari Fresh up facial treatments

Africa's version of the ancient art of head massage, includes the head, neck and shoulders. Using nourishing coconut oil based hair treatment, available as 30 or 60 minutes

A favourite after walking safaris! Loosening the leg muscles and easing the tight muscles of back, neck and shoulders, a 60 minute treatment

A combination therapy focusing on main areas prone to tension; Your back, shoulders, neck and feet, available as a 60 minute treatment


Just got back from a game drive and don’t have the time to experience a whole facial? This refreshing 30 minutes facial cleanses and rehydrates the skin using either our mineral rich green, or illuminating pink clay mask

A healing facial using pure Kigelia Africana paste. The power of nature in our Kigelia allows for deep hydration, healing, restoration and toning of the skin. A moisturising & firming treatment for all skin types

This de-stressing, anti-ageing facial care treatment is ideal for the more mature skin types. Using our velvet Kigelia Cream Mask, this is packed with anti-inflammatory to reduce the appearance of puffiness to give your face a natural radiance while providing a rich and nourishing treatment

This Illuminating clay facial improves lymph circulation for a brighter complexion. The zinc heals imperfections as the vitamin-rich pineapple powder and rosehip oils regenerate and rejuvenate your skin. Great for all skin types, except highly acneic skin

A mineral-rich green clay facial that extracts impurities, eliminates toxins and tightens the pores, without causing dryness. Especially good for the more oily skin types, but can be used for all young skins

Natural Face care treatments


All therapies are complemented by a Herbal Flora Foot bath; however the therapist can focus a bit more on your feet and ease those air-plane ankles or tight muscles after your walking safaris. Have a relaxing seat and enjoy the view, while your therapist takes care of your feet

A quick 30 minute Spa foot treatment including and nail tidy, plus a buff or polish, ideal after you have come from the bush

A relaxing 60 minute session, including a natural foot wash, removal of excessive skin, a gentle exfoliation of both feet and lower legs, a relaxing foot massage, finishing of with a nice buff or polish. Resulting in smooth and ever relaxed feet and legs. The most favourite for obvious reasons!

A firm massage where besides the highly trained hands of the therapist, small tools are used to focus on the reflex points of your feet, available as a 30 or 60 minute session

Bush Pedicure and Footwork


Individual 30 minute sessions, or better in combination with any treatment!
Following African traditions our body rituals are best combined with Aqua Skin Therapy overlooking the lagoon ... you are ensured of a special treat!

An invigorating body exfoliation ritual using indigenous Macadamia & Orange blossom promoting collagen formation to firm the skin

Diminishes dead skin cells, and nourishes with high contents of Vitamin C and Anti-Oxidants. Leaving you with a perfectly smooth and soft skin

A deliciously invigorating blend of firming, exfoliating and anti oxidizing ingredients for smooth and supple skin

African Body Rituals at the Bush-Spa

The Bush-Spa's signature extract from the African Sausage Tree improves firmness and elasticity of the skin. It not only improves the skin tone, but is also ideal for blemished or Tsetse fly troubled skin

Embraced worldwide for its cooling properties and natural source of vitamins, this Bush-Spa signature refreshing Cucumber wrap is infused with lavender, lemongrass, geranium and lime essential oils, ideal for soothing and moisturizing the skin on those hot Luangwa days..

A rich African body mud found only in the Luangwa Valley. Detoxifying, rich in vitamins and minerals, leaving your skin velvety soft

Our signature extract from the African Sausage Tree

A selection of the Spa's favourites, although any combination on the menu is possible, here some suggestions!

Available for Mfuwe Lodge guests specifically. A 30 minutes of your choice of Aqua package, which may be shared with a friend

A session of Aqua Skin Therapy followed by a relaxing sixty minute full body massage

A full body refreshing exfoliation or wrap, followed by 30 minutes of Aqua Skin Therapy and an hour relaxing massage therapy

The Bush-Spa's most pupular package it seems....Revitalizing Massage and Face Combi; Aqua Skin Therapy, followed by an hour’s massage of choice and a cleansing 30 minutes touching facial treatment

Two and half hours of pure bliss! A creamy glow followed by a relaxing Aqua soak, a 25 minutes body wrap, bush-shower, a back & neck massage, only to end with a heavenly 30 minute facial. Leaving you completely revitalized

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